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The 'request' group

These nouns refer to an attempt to get something, for example by asking for it or fighting for it.
Europe's airlines began a campaign for a unified air-traffic control system to solve congestion in the air.
Some 7,000 airline personnel began a one-day strike Tuesday to press a demand for better pay, unions said.
Bear in mind that you might be inundated with requests for information.
To understand the rush for tickets you have to liken her position to that of Elvis Presley.
  • ad
  • advert
  • advertisement
  • agitation
  • appeal
  • application
  • audition
  • battle
  • bid
  • call
  • campaign
  • chase
  • claim
  • clamour
  • competition
  • crusade
  • cry
  • demand
  • drive
  • fight
  • grab
  • interview
  • offer
  • order
  • plea
  • race
  • request
  • run
  • rush
  • scramble
  • struggle
  • There are also a number of nouns which refer to a person who is trying to get something. Queue and waiting list refer to a group of people.
    In the year before her death, the Princess was an active campaigner for a ban on the manufacture and use of land mines.
    Pete was delighted too, saying that I had beaten one of my main challengers for the European title.
    The hospital marketing director later admitted there was an unacceptably long queue for treatment.
    He further voiced concern over the amount of people still on the waiting list for accommodation.
  • bidder
  • campaigner
  • candidate
  • challenger
  • contender
  • nominee
  • queue
  • waiting list
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