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The 'compensation' group

These nouns refer to things that are done or given because of what someone has done, for example as compensation, a reward, or a punishment.
Workers demanded compensation for losses in pay caused by the government's anti-inflation plan.
Jones, who lists kick-boxing as his main hobby, has three previous convictions for assault.
You want revenge for the death of your stepson.
The preposition for is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
He could receive up to £10 million as a reward for reporting the alleged conspiracy.
  • apology
  • atonement
  • award
  • blame
  • compensation
  • conviction
  • credit
  • forgiveness
  • full marks
  • gratitude
  • payment
  • price
  • prize
  • punishment
  • rap
  • recompense
  • reprisal
  • retaliation
  • revenge
  • reward
  • There are two nouns which refer to a person who is blamed.
    She is claiming that she's been used as a scapegoat for problems that she had nothing to do with.
  • fall guy
  • scapegoat
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