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The 'soup' group

These nouns all refer to food and drink. The first noun refers to the main or only ingredient of something, as in fish soup and apple juice.
This is a very productive use - many more nouns referring to food and drink often have another noun before them. The nouns listed below represent a small sample.
I've put a chicken casserole in the oven.
About an hour later, one of the staff brought him a plate of corned-beef hash and a bottle of beer.
An old-fashioned English fruit pie is one of the nicest things I know.
The English eat rice pudding with jam.
Mom, I want a peanut butter sandwich.
My tomato soup with basil was fresh-tasting and lovely.
A shared drink of sweet mint tea may be offered as a friendly gesture.
  • bake
  • bar (chocolate)
  • brownie
  • bun
  • cake (fruit)
  • cake (fish/potato)
  • casserole
  • chaser
  • chowder
  • consommé
  • crumble (rhubarb)
  • dressing (oil and lemon)
  • extract
  • fritter
  • hash
  • juice
  • mixture (egg)
  • oil (olive)
  • pie
  • pizza
  • pudding
  • sandwich
  • soup
  • spread (cheese)
  • stew
  • sundae
  • tart
  • tea (mint)
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