n N

The 'bottle' group

These nouns all refer to containers. The first noun usually refers to the thing which is or was in the container. The use of this pattern often implies that the container is empty.
This is a very productive use - many more nouns referring to containers often have another noun before them. The nouns listed below represent a small sample.
To combat falling blood donations, the blood bank will launch a new blood collection programme today.
He was accused of throwing three milk bottles at a police cordon.
Clear out your medicine cabinet and discard out-of-date lotions and potions.
She glanced at the almost empty wine glass, hoping he wouldn't think she had been drinking.
The photographers clustered round him at the finish like wasps round a jam pot.
The fuel warning light comes on when the 67-litre fuel tank drops to the 9-litre mark.
  • album
  • bank (blood/data)
  • bin
  • bottle
  • bowl (washing-up)
  • box
  • cabinet
  • can
  • canister
  • capsule
  • carton
  • case
  • churn
  • container
  • cup
  • dispenser
  • drum (oil)
  • glass
  • hold
  • holder
  • jar
  • keg
  • mill (pepper)
  • packet
  • pocket
  • pot (paint/jam)
  • sleeve (record)
  • tank
  • tin (biscuit)
  • tin (baking)
  • urn (tea)
  • wrapper
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