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The 'opener' group

These nouns refer to tools and appliances. In most cases, the thing indicated by the first noun is directly affected by the thing indicated by the second noun; for example, an egg beater beats eggs; a can opener opens cans. There are a few exceptions: for example a gas fire or gas cooker burns gas as a fuel, and a vacuum cleaner cleans by creating a vacuum.
This is a productive use.
Gradually add the cream to the bowl, whisking with a hand-operated egg beater as you do so.
This very quiet, in-home air cleaner eliminates 99.97 percent of all airborne contaminants, completely changing and refreshing the air in your room every 10 minutes.
What better way to warm up your living room than with a superb real flame gas fire.
Place the ingredients in a clean electric coffee grinder or any other type of spice grinder.
The heart monitor shows low levels of consciousness.
Is the electric can opener really that much of an improvement over the manual kind?
Use a 2B pencil for sketching and sharpen it with a knife, not a pencil sharpener.
  • beater
  • cleaner (air/vacuum)
  • cooker
  • crusher
  • cutter
  • deck (tape)
  • detector
  • dryer
  • extractor (juice)
  • feeder (bird)
  • fire (gas)
  • gauge
  • grinder
  • monitor (heart)
  • opener
  • pump
  • purifier
  • rig
  • sharpener
  • stick (drum/lolly)
  • stick (hockey)
  • sweeper
  • tester
  • torch (welding)
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