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The 'factory' group

These nouns refer to places. The first noun tells you more about the place; there is a wide variety of relationships between the first and second nouns. The relationships include:
    the first noun indicates an activity which is carried on in the place e.g. picnic area
    the first noun indicates something which grows in the place e.g. olive grove
    the first noun indicates something which is made in the place e.g. chocolate factory
    the first noun indicates the people who are in the place e.g. refugee camp
This is a productive use.
I'm putting a wild-flower bed here by the lawn and there's still an area to do at the back.
The six-level tourist apartment block is expected to be completed by October.
He is sitting on a warm, early summer day, at a table in a Paris street cafe.
After months in a refugee camp in Zaire, she has been reunited with her mother.
Paris has a reputation as the fashion capital of the world.
He hoped to build a vast casino and leisure complex in Britain that would rival any in Las Vegas.
I remember standing on the steps of the divorce court, in brilliant sunshine.
The company had its start in a loft above a shoe factory and went on to develop the world's first automatic paper copier.
The new village hall seems an oasis of warmth and light and laughter in the blackness of the rural night.
He owned a textile mill in South Carolina that employed about 300 workers, many of them at the minimum wage.
At first all I saw was the football pitch, then the school and the hospital.
That night they made camp beside a duck pond in a farmer's pasture.
The National Trust runs a bird sanctuary on the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland.
This Hackney event runs from 9pm - 2am and is conveniently situated on the 73 bus route.
Before the match, buses will leave the Queen St bus station every five minutes from 5pm-7.15pm.
  • area (picnic)
  • base (army)
  • basin
  • bay (loading)
  • bay (cargo)
  • bed (flower)
  • belt (corn)
  • block (apartment)
  • booth
  • café
  • camp (refugee)
  • capital (fashion)
  • car (buffet)
  • centre (leisure)
  • centre (insurance)
  • complex (leisure)
  • court (divorce)
  • court (tennis)
  • deck (passenger)
  • delta
  • department (geography)
  • desk (reception)
  • desk (sports)
  • district (business)
  • dump (ammunition)
  • establishment (research)
  • factory
  • fair
  • farm (trout)
  • field (oil)
  • floor
  • forecourt
  • ground (hunting)
  • ground (football)
  • grounds
  • grove (olive)
  • habitat (forest)
  • hall
  • house
  • interchange
  • joint (hamburger)
  • lane (shipping)
  • lodge (ski)
  • lounge (departure)
  • mart
  • mecca (tourist)
  • mill (textile)
  • mine
  • ministry
  • office (press)
  • office (ticket)
  • outlet (retail)
  • paradise (consumer)
  • park (business)
  • pit (gravel)
  • parlour
  • pitch
  • pond
  • preserve (nature)
  • range (rifle)
  • BROKEN! (Gulf)
  • reserve (nature)
  • resort (seaside)
  • retreat (country)
  • route (bus)
  • salon
  • sanctuary
  • school (riding)
  • school (art)
  • shed
  • shop
  • showroom
  • site
  • space (office)
  • stand (newspaper)
  • station (train)
  • station (bus)
  • stop (bus)
  • store (grain)
  • terminal (rail)
  • warren (rabbit)
  • works (steel)
  • yard (ship repair)
  • zone
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