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The thing indicated by the first noun is directly affected by the person indicated by the second noun; for example, a stamp collector collects stamps; a blood donor donates blood. We include here sufferer, where the first noun indicates an illness that affects the person indicated by the second noun.
In his more radical past he was dubbed a police-basher for his repeated highlighting of police brutality cases.
It was about a hugely rich international art collector who did not want to publish his name for security reasons.
Sue Smith was The Courier-Mail's art critic.
Is it true that being a blood donor will help you to live a longer life?
I've just been called a woman-hater, which I'm sure will come as a surprise to my mother, my sister and my girlfriend.
A US consular official confirmed that the dead man was an American passport holder, of Palestinian origin.
He was the best Russian speaker in the embassy and was therefore often roped in as interpreter.
Nikki, a cystic fibrosis sufferer, is feeling considerably better in the unpolluted environment.
  • advocate
  • -basher
  • bearer (flag)
  • collector
  • critic (film)
  • dodger
  • donor
  • drinker (beer)
  • earner (wage)
  • eater (meat)
  • gatherer
  • giver
  • -hater
  • holder (record)
  • hunter
  • leader (party)
  • maker (car)
  • maker (programme)
  • monitor (human rights)
  • owner
  • payer (tax)
  • peddler (drugs)
  • player (football)
  • robber (bank)
  • runner (drug)
  • rustler (cattle)
  • seeker (truth)
  • snatcher (bag)
  • speaker (French)
  • -spotter (train)
  • sufferer (asthma)
  • -taker (decision)
  • trafficker (drugs)
  • user (drug/computer)
  • wannabe
  • -watcher
  • wearer
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