N of n

The 'gang' group

The noun indicates a group or quantity of people or things. The noun group after of contains a plural form or plural noun which indicates the people or things involved. This pattern is N of pl-n.
There is a growing army of parents who feel angry at being deceived by the Government.
I was one of a small band of journalists encamped in an abandoned girls' school.
She took a cigarette from her bag and lit it from a book of matches.
Retailer Joyce Ma established a designer fashion chain of shops.
Ted was immensely popular among a wide circle of friends and admirers.
His first collection of poems, The Old Pianist, was published in 1945.
Spanish biologists have discovered a colony of 350 seals, doubling the known world population.
I was passed by a crocodile of eight-year-old boys in uniform from a private school.
The festival offers a feast of performances, recitals, exhibitions, workshops, literary events, book and magazine launches.
A gang of about 100 youths stoned police at Castle Gate.
You can't buy milk in the village, even though there's a herd of cows here.
If I were asked to compose a list of the 12 greatest films ever, Alpine Fire would be on that list.
The entire width of the street was one mass of people.
Somewhere at home, most of us possess a pack of cards or a backgammon or chess-set.
In my local store, queues of people are always waiting to buy lottery tickets.
My meals are made up of robust food, good enough to satisfy a regiment of hungry customers.
The coach was sacked on Wednesday following a run of dismal performances.
After a spate of 'road rage' incidents involving violence between motorists, psychologists warned people to stay cool.
We'd had a succession of mild winters and hot summers.
He was attended on both sides by his troop of pretty daughters.
Portoferraio is a fascinating warren of narrow streets, alleys and winding steps.
  • abundance
  • amount
  • army
  • arrangement
  • array
  • arsenal
  • band
  • batch
  • battalion
  • battery
  • belt (of trees)
  • block (of flats)
  • block (of seats)
  • body
  • book
  • bunch
  • bundle
  • carpet (of leaves)
  • catalogue
  • chain
  • change (of clothes)
  • circle
  • cluster
  • clutch
  • collection
  • colony
  • column
  • complex
  • concentration
  • contingent
  • course (of antibiotics)
  • crew
  • crocodile
  • crop
  • crowd
  • den (of thieves)
  • display
  • ensemble
  • excess
  • feast
  • federation
  • fleet
  • flock
  • flood (of people)
  • forest
  • galaxy
  • gang
  • group
  • grouping
  • grove (of trees)
  • handful
  • haul (of drugs)
  • heap
  • herd
  • knot (of people)
  • layer
  • legion
  • line
  • list
  • litter
  • load
  • lot
  • mass
  • maze (of streets)
  • maze (of ideas)
  • mound
  • nest (of spies)
  • network
  • number
  • ocean
  • pack
  • packet
  • pair
  • parade
  • party
  • pile
  • pool
  • portion
  • pride
  • pyramid
  • quartet
  • queue
  • quota
  • raft
  • rain (of stones)
  • rainbow (of colours)
  • range
  • rank
  • regiment
  • repertoire
  • round (of drinks)
  • row
  • scattering
  • school (of writers)
  • school (of fish)
  • scrum (of people)
  • sea (of people)
  • selection
  • sequence
  • series
  • set
  • shipment
  • shower (of sparks)
  • spectrum
  • spray (of water)
  • spray (of flowers)
  • spread (of abilities)
  • squad
  • stock
  • store
  • stream
  • string
  • succession
  • supply
  • team
  • tier
  • tribe
  • troop
  • variety
  • volume
  • warren
  • wave (of immigrants)
  • wealth
  • web (of lies)
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