N of n

The 'box' group

The noun indicates a container. The noun group after of indicates the thing or things contained in it. This pattern can be used to refer to a container and its contents, as in She fetched a glass of water from the bathroom, or just to the contents, as in She went to the kitchen and gulped down a glass of water.
Belle fetched a basin of hot water from the black kettle on the kitchen range.
It was St Valentine's Day and Joel gave me a box of chocolates.
Would you like a cup of tea?
Breakfast was a kettle of lukewarm water, a jar of Nescafe and a basket of yesterday's croissants.
Place a teaspoon of demerara sugar on top of the lemon.
At the village shop she bought oranges, toothpaste and a tin of salmon.
The suffix -ful can be added to some of these nouns when you are referring to the contents of the container.
They both ate a large bowlful of cereal this morning.
Martin climbed up beside him and accepted a mugful of hot, bitter coffee.
  • bag
  • barrel
  • basin
  • basket
  • bath
  • bottle
  • bowl
  • box
  • bucket
  • butt
  • can
  • container
  • cup
  • cylinder
  • dish
  • drum
  • glass
  • jar
  • kettle
  • mug
  • pack
  • packet
  • plate
  • pot
  • sack
  • spoon
  • tablespoon
  • tank
  • teaspoon
  • tin
  • tub
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