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The 'love' group

The noun refers to an attitude or feeling. The noun group after of indicates the thing or person that the attitude or feeling concerns.
This is a productive use: many nouns indicating emotions can be used with this pattern.
She described her admiration of single-parent families, families of grandparents raising their grandchildren - all kinds of families.
Sixteen-year-old Hugh is the only one of her children who has inherited her love of sport.
The preposition of is often followed by an '-ing' clause.
Large numbers of elderly people live in fear of losing their homes because they were persuaded to take out unsuitable home income schemes, according to Age Concern.
The search was called off last night as coastguards gave up hopes of finding him alive.
  • admiration
  • approval
  • dislike
  • fear
  • hatred
  • hope
  • horror
  • love
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