N of n

The 'fragrance' group

The noun indicates a quality, characteristic, or feature. The noun group after of indicates the person or thing that has the quality, characteristic, or feature.
Peter turned up early one morning to show us the beauties of the coral reef.
The media often fails to portray the complexity of the health-care system.
The condition of his colleague was described as 'serious but stable'.
The density of the population meant that there was more misery and starvation to the square foot than perhaps anywhere else on earth.
One disadvantage of Phuket is that it is a very long way east of Britain, so you are likely to suffer jet lag.
The report released yesterday said the diversity of language in Australia was a national resource which had the potential for huge economic gain.
The sweet, spicy, warming fragrance of cardamom has been enjoyed since the days of the ancient Egyptians, who used it as perfume and incense.
I cannot stress enough the gravity of the situation with a whole range of firms unable to survive for many more days.
He admitted that the authorities had no indication of the identity of the bombers.
An examination of the stories tells us something about the importance of Christianity in the modern world.
Her belief in the absolute rightness of everything she does is unshakeable.
We are not going to be able to overcome the present shortcomings of the system.
Matisse is highly regarded for the simplicity of his drawings and designs.
Mexican floor tiles and limed oak beams enhance the size and natural lightness of the room.
Something I have adored ever since I was a boy is the taste of raw spring onions.
The preposition of is often followed by an '-ing' clause.
The cost of travelling one stop on the tube will go up by 20 percent.
The conference is also scheduled to hear the merits of raising the drinking age from 18 to 21.
  • accuracy
  • acidity
  • advantage
  • appeal
  • appearance
  • aroma
  • attribute
  • beauties
  • beauty
  • behaviour
  • biology
  • call
  • character
  • characteristic
  • chemistry
  • coldness
  • colour
  • complexity
  • composition
  • condition
  • consistency
  • cost
  • danger
  • decoration
  • defect
  • delights
  • demands
  • density
  • depth
  • dimensions
  • disadvantage
  • diversity
  • drift
  • dynamics
  • essence
  • extent
  • fascination
  • feel
  • folly
  • force
  • fragrance
  • geography
  • glory
  • glories
  • gravity
  • heat
  • height
  • humanity
  • identity
  • image
  • import
  • importance
  • integrity
  • irony
  • joys
  • layout
  • length
  • level
  • life
  • lightness
  • limits
  • location
  • logic
  • look
  • magic
  • magnitude
  • merit
  • merits
  • morality
  • nature
  • novelty
  • pace
  • pattern
  • perfume
  • perils
  • pleasures
  • psychology
  • quality
  • reality
  • rightness
  • safety
  • scale
  • scent
  • scope
  • shape
  • shortcoming
  • sights
  • significance
  • silence
  • simplicity
  • size
  • smell
  • soul
  • sound
  • speed
  • spirit
  • standard
  • stature
  • structure
  • taste
  • tenor
  • texture
  • tone
  • trials
  • truth
  • utility
  • validity
  • value
  • ways
  • width
  • wisdom
  • wonders
  • workings
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