N of n

The 'cause' and 'result' group

The noun refers to a cause or result. The noun group after of indicates what it causes or results from.
Bill Clinton campaigned as an agent of change.
'We're now seeing the benefits of the actions we have taken over the past two or three years,' said Evans.
Drugs are certainly the cause of much crime but a large part of this is because of their illegality.
I do like a reaction when I have spent hours in the kitchen. I want people to tell me how wonderful the fruits of my labour are.
What's the secret of your success?
With some nouns, the preposition of is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
Some vets argue that injuries to leg bones and tendons are the result of pushing animals too hard and too soon.
  • aftermath
  • agent
  • benefit
  • cause
  • consequence
  • effect
  • fruits
  • generator
  • implication (usu plural)
  • legacy
  • outcome
  • product
  • result
  • root
  • secret
  • source
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