N over n

The 'dispute' group

These nouns refer to disputes and fights. The prepositional phrase indicates the cause of the dispute.
The visit was postponed until today after a dispute over security.
He was scarred for life during a pub fight over some spilt beer.
The generally excellent state of relations between Italy and Tunisia is marred only by some small quarrels over fishing.
The war over trade will continue.
The preposition over is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
The source said that there had been disagreement over paying fund managers the going rate for the job.
The preposition over is sometimes followed by a wh-clause.
The two were locked in conflict over whether the helicopter company should be sold to a European or an American concern.
  • argument
  • battle
  • clash
  • conflict
  • controversy
  • deadlock
  • differences
  • disagreement
  • dispute
  • fight
  • quarrel
  • row
  • squabble
  • struggle
  • war
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