N over n

The 'control' group

These nouns refer to the fact of being in a position of authority, power, or influence.
The end of state control over every corner of artistic life was an unparalleled victory for freedom of speech.
It was still thought by many that London could regain its traditional hegemony over world finance.
Their monopoly over much of the south of England will cover trains as well as buses.
In some cases, the local authority assumes parental rights over the child.
The preposition over is sometimes followed by a wh-clause.
Will it be so easy to do away with the Party's influence over what is broadcast on the official channels?
  • authority
  • claim
  • control
  • dominance
  • domination
  • dominion
  • hegemony
  • hold
  • influence
  • jurisdiction
  • mastery
  • monopoly
  • power
  • rights
  • rule
  • supremacy
  • veto
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