N over n

The 'fuss' group

These nouns refer to negative public reactions or undesirable public situations.
Faced with a growing crisis over education, the government last night announced an emergency plan to improve secondary schools.
An outcry over the savaging of a six-year-old girl pushed the government into announcing emergency legislation banning fighting dogs.
Three more French policemen have been arrested in the growing scandal over the alleged smuggling of weapons from Lebanon.
Violence over reports of police corruption has continued for a fifth night.
The preposition over is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
The fuss over ending the ban on homosexuals in the military had died down.
  • crisis
  • furore
  • fuss
  • outcry
  • outrage
  • protest
  • scandal
  • storm
  • tension
  • trouble
  • uproar
  • violence
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