N over n

The 'debate' group

These nouns refer to things which are said or written.
He denied most of the allegations over the rebellion.
The airline is facing manslaughter charges over an oil tanker disaster which killed five crewmen.
She singled out primary teachers for criticism over the way standards slip between the ages of seven and nine.
Discussions over the pipeline route have been going on for about six months.
As negotiations over a new plan continue, the unpaid interest and penalty payments will be added to the debt.
The preposition over is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
This story has once again triggered the debate over using animal organs for human beings.
  • allegation (usu plural)
  • charge (usu plural)
  • complaint
  • criticisms
  • debate
  • discussion
  • negotiation (usu plural)
  • question (usu plural)
  • speculation
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