N that

The 'suggestion' group

These nouns refer to something that is written or spoken. The that-clause provides more information about it.
I deny your allegation that he 'bullied staff and inmates, who all feared him'.
The court rejected arguments that he would not have a fair trial.
I was delighted to read your most recent assertion that class size makes no contribution to exam success.
He staunchly defended the government against the charge that it had abandoned genuine Toryism.
He disputed Iraq's claims that it had no biological weapons.
The Times says the figures prove nothing except the truth of the old cliché that there is no lie as big as a statistic.
The criticism that the English do not truly care about their children is often voiced.
She provided examples to support the generalization that crime among children and adolescents is on the rise.
Finally a waiter asked if he would like fresh coffee, a hint that the table was needed.
He is understood to be incensed by the alleged insinuation that he had peddled drugs to children.
Mr Hull stands by the cautious message that prices are not set to rise overnight.
The motto that one's home is one's castle is engraved on my heart.
It is not a hoax but a genuine notification that you are entitled to a free cash gift.
You're putting forward the proposition that a crime can be excused if the victim deserved to be the victim.
Which French leader made famous the remark that the British are a nation of shopkeepers?
There are reports that lorries carrying British beef have been stopped at the Luxembourg border.
There was a suggestion that the whole thing was a joke.
David wanted an undertaking that Shirley would leave him alone in peace to get on with his life.
Seven months later I heard a whisper that all the drugs were being shipped out to the US instead of to us.
  • accusation
  • acknowledgement
  • adage
  • admission
  • advice
  • affirmation
  • allegation
  • announcement
  • aphorism
  • appeal
  • argument
  • assertion
  • assurance
  • axiom
  • boast
  • caveat
  • charge
  • claim
  • cliché
  • comment
  • commitment
  • complaint
  • condition
  • confession
  • confirmation
  • contention
  • criticism
  • declaration
  • decree
  • defence
  • demand
  • denial
  • dictum
  • directive
  • disclosure
  • edict
  • equation
  • excuse
  • explanation
  • forecast
  • generalization
  • gossip
  • guarantee
  • guess
  • hint
  • implication
  • information
  • insinuation
  • insistence
  • intelligence
  • jibe
  • law
  • legend
  • lesson
  • line
  • maxim
  • message
  • motto
  • myth
  • news
  • notification
  • oath
  • objection
  • observation
  • order
  • plea
  • pledge
  • point
  • prediction
  • preface
  • proclamation
  • promise
  • prophecy
  • proposal
  • proposition
  • protest
  • proverb
  • provision
  • proviso
  • question
  • reassurance
  • recommendation
  • remark
  • reminder
  • report
  • request
  • resolution
  • retort
  • revelation
  • rule
  • ruling
  • rumour
  • saying
  • slogan
  • speculation
  • statement
  • stipulation
  • story
  • suggestion
  • tale
  • talk
  • teaching
  • testimony
  • threat
  • truism
  • undertaking
  • verdict
  • vow
  • warning
  • whisper
  • word
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