N that

The 'belief' group

These nouns refer to beliefs, ideas, wishes, and thought processes. The that-clause provides more information about them.
There's a belief that saving for private education should start on the day the child is born.
There was still a remarkably strong consensus that care in the community was the right policy.
A young fellow laboured under the delusion that he was a dog.
He emphasized the United States' determination that all hostages should be freed.
One day my husband told me that he'd had a dream that he was a baby and I was his mother.
He accepted a six-month contract abroad in the expectation that Sally would soon forget him.
I had a feeling I'd do well here.
He expressed the hope that his successor can emerge from within the ranks of the racing industry.
They encourage the idea that the government is to blame for anything that goes wrong in the country.
It was open to an industrial tribunal to draw an inference that the discrimination was on racial grounds.
The Chancellor held fast to the notion that high taxes are bad for economic growth.
Fortunately for me, my kids are of the persuasion that their failings are of their own making.
He had an unshakable premonition that he would die.
The presumption that the French would proceed with testing without a care for world opinion was wrong.
We work on the principle that if we treat people well, they'll work well for us.
What I am arguing for is recognition that moderate inflation is healthy.
He has instead adopted a public stance that he intends to enforce changes of his choosing.
There still exists an ancient superstition that children may be protected from evil spirits by wearing cloves around their necks.
He made clear his view that the law should grant the right to join a union - and the right not to join.
  • acceptance
  • agreement
  • analysis
  • anticipation
  • appreciation
  • approach
  • assessment
  • assumption
  • attitude
  • awareness
  • belief
  • calculation
  • certainty
  • certitude
  • concept
  • conception
  • conclusion
  • confidence
  • consensus
  • conviction
  • credo
  • decision
  • delusion
  • desire
  • determination
  • doctrine
  • dogma
  • doubt
  • dream
  • expectation
  • faith
  • fallacy
  • fantasy
  • fear
  • feeling
  • finding
  • hope
  • hunch
  • hypothesis
  • idea
  • ideal
  • illusion
  • impression
  • inference
  • inkling
  • instinct
  • interpretation
  • intuition
  • judgement
  • knowledge
  • misapprehension
  • misconception
  • misunderstanding
  • myth
  • notion
  • opinion
  • perception
  • persuasion
  • philosophy
  • position
  • postulate
  • precept
  • premise
  • presentiment
  • presumption
  • presupposition
  • principle
  • projection
  • rationale
  • rationalization
  • realization
  • reasoning
  • recognition
  • recollection
  • reflection
  • resolution
  • resolve
  • scepticism
  • sense
  • sentiment
  • speculation
  • stance
  • standpoint
  • superstition
  • supposition
  • suspicion
  • tenet
  • theory
  • thesis
  • thinking
  • thought
  • understanding
  • view
  • viewpoint
  • vision
  • wisdom
  • wish
  • worry
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