N that

The 'happiness' group

These nouns refer to emotions. The that-clause indicates what they relate to.
He was in conference at the time, and picked up the receiver with a mild annoyance that his secretary had let the call through.
He expressed concern that the ship might be in distress.
I can only feel great delight that I chose your company.
You will feel disgust that whales and dolphins are still being slaughtered for commercial gain.
There are fears that the increasing use of microwaves will mean increased risk of food poisoning.
She felt no guilt that she had broken her marriage vows.
He felt a surge of happiness that she could not hurt him any more.
Negotiators are expressing guarded optimism that the surviving hostages may soon be freed.
Among those I have talked to is a quiet pride that they protected their Parliament and contributed in a small way to defending their country's fragile democracy.
He has a recurring regret that he had never told his father that he loved him and never heard his father say it to him.
The great relief and great pleasure that we are making progress at last swept over me in a wave.
Understandably, parents feel deep resentment that their child is subjected to 'tests', almost like a laboratory animal.
She described her sadness that in gaining a lover, she has lost a friend.
She lives in daily terror that she and her family will lose their home.
  • amazement
  • anger
  • annoyance
  • anxiety
  • apprehension
  • astonishment
  • bitterness
  • concern
  • delight
  • disappointment
  • disbelief
  • disgust
  • disquiet
  • dread
  • fear
  • foreboding
  • frustration
  • fury
  • gratitude
  • guilt
  • happiness
  • hope
  • indignation
  • irritation
  • jealousy
  • joy
  • optimism
  • outrage
  • pleasure
  • pride
  • rage
  • regret
  • relief
  • remorse
  • resentment
  • sadness
  • satisfaction
  • shame
  • shock
  • sorrow
  • surprise
  • terror
  • unhappiness
  • worry
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