N with n

The 'involvement' group

These nouns refer to someone's involvement with someone or something, or experience of something.
After this brush with death, he was radically changed.
He was arrested under suspicion of having secret dealings with rebel groups.
His first encounter with poetry had been the Tennyson given him by his father.
The White House asked for a special prosecutor to investigate Bill Clinton's involvement with a failed savings and loan association in Arkansas in the 1980s.
In the case of experience, the preposition with is occasionally followed by an '-ing' clause.
He'd probably had long experience with dealing with insults.
Fun is usually used with the verb have.
Have fun with science through hands-on exhibits.
  • brush
  • dalliance
  • dealings
  • encounter
  • engagement
  • entanglement
  • experience
  • experiment
  • fun
  • gamble
  • interaction
  • interference
  • involvement
  • tangle
  • trade
  • work
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