Nouns used in names

The 'Road' group

These nouns are used in the names of roads or town squares. They all have Pattern 1, except Route, which has Pattern 3 and is followed by a number. Piazza has Pattern 3 when referring to a square in Italy; Avenue and Boulevard have Pattern 3 when referring to roads in France.
She lived in a large apartment in the Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue, overlooking Central Park.
Local residents said they were woken at about 1 a.m. by shots in Quinney Crescent and neighbouring Rosegate Close.
Dinner is at the Gloucester Hotel, Harrington Gardens, London.
You emerge opposite Waugh's first rooms in New College Lane and turning right through Catte Street into the Broad, you will pass Blackwell's.
In the end we found what we were looking for in a charming small house in Clabon Mews, just off Cadogan Square.
I left Father Levon in the Piazza San Marco and took a boat across the lagoon to the island of San Lazzaro.
I walked down Claremont Road to watch City play their way out of the Second Division.
Then, as she rounded the lake again she suddenly swung off on to Route 98 into the Tahoe National Forest.
  • Avenue
  • Boulevard
  • Bypass
  • Circus
  • Close
  • Court
  • Crescent
  • Drive
  • Gardens
  • Gate
  • Green
  • Grove
  • High Street
  • Junction
  • Lane
  • Mews
  • Parade
  • Piazza
  • Place
  • Road
  • Route
  • Row
  • Square
  • Street
  • Terrace
  • Way
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