on N

Nouns with other meanings

There are a number of other nouns which have this pattern.
Although she is far from being on the breadline, the duchess has faced enormous outgoings.
Sir James believes that business and the environment are on a collision course.
Nigel revealed that he had been on a diet and lost four stone in twelve months.
The war on drugs must be waged on two fronts - supply and demand.
There is a faint ray of hope on the horizon, however.
One plane is already on order and will be delivered in March next year.
It's clear that there's a willingness on the part of everyone concerned to make sure nothing gets in the way of the peace talks.
In Greece, sixty five prisoners are still on the run after a mass breakout from a top security prison last night.
On the way I banged into a side-table which instantly crashed to the floor, but although I winced I did not stop.
  • on fire
  • on hold
  • on occasion
  • on order
  • on paper
  • on prescription
  • on sufferance
  • on tiptoe
  • on trial
  • on my behalf /on behalf of ...
  • on my conscience
  • on my part /on the part of ...
  • on my side /on the side of ...
  • on my trail /on the trail of ...
  • on the bandwagon
  • on the boil
  • on the breadline
  • on the cards
  • on the downside
  • on the fly
  • on the gravy train
  • on the hoof
  • on the horizon
  • on the loose
  • on the quiet
  • on the run (from ...)
  • on the throne
  • on the town
  • on the way /on my way somewhere
  • on a collision course (with ...)
  • The following are used as normal count nouns, but always with words which make the meaning more specific:
  • front
  • level
  • ticket
  • Diet is used as a normal count noun.

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