Plural nouns

Nouns with other meanings

There are a very large number of other nouns of this type. Here are some examples.
He sings, dances, acts, does acrobatics.
A stock of arms was found at his home.
Most of the tomb's contents were removed long ago.
My feelings have never changed from the day I arrived in Manchester.
It should be said that there was no evidence that he was ever involved in these machinations or even knew they occurring.
His manners were exquisite but his tongue was malicious.
Despite qualifying for Europe last season, their prospects are uncertain.
But the best part was the roof terrace overlooking the splendours of Rome.
Her recent travels have taken her to Norway and Denmark.
Perhaps it was just as well that my wits were too slow for anything but a straight answer to the question.
A number of nouns which refer to people or things of a particular type are always used with the determiner the, for example the rich and the impossible: see Section 14, especially meaning groups 1, 2, and 3.

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