poss N

The 'counterpart' group

These nouns refer to someone who has, for example, the same status, position, name, or religion as someone else, or to something that has the same function as something else. Heir, heir apparent, and successor refer to someone who will have the same position as someone else when that person dies or retires. Predecessor refers to someone who used to have the same position as someone else.
One possibility is that they will extend an invitation from the president to his Chinese counterpart for a summit in Washington later this year.
Candidates should have a first or second class Honours degree, or its equivalent, in Mathematics or a numerate science.
It's the only time, incidentally, where William Hurt has appeared in the same film as his equally famous namesake John Hurt.
She first paid tribute to her predecessor Maurice Foley, and then introduced herself.
  • brethren
  • brother
  • contemporary
  • co-religionist
  • counterpart
  • double
  • equivalent
  • fellows
  • heir
  • heir apparent
  • namesake
  • opposite number
  • peer (usu plural)
  • predecessor
  • replacement
  • shadow
  • sister
  • successor
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