poss N

The 'apology' group

These nouns refer to something that is said or written. A few of these nouns are always followed by of when used in this pattern. With nearly all these nouns, the possessive indicates the speaker or writer; however, in the case of biography and obituary, it sometimes indicates the subject of the writing.
But I was so hurt or mad - both, I suppose - that I refused to accept her apology.
He believes that, in the absence of a death penalty, the mandatory life sentence is needed to reflect society's condemnation of the crime.
Removing organs without the patient's consent is dubious practice medically and legally speaking.
We said our goodbyes and left her.
He has spent much of his early retirement ensconced in his modest Warsaw villa writing his memoirs.
She would have been pleased with the headlines of her obituary in the New York Times on 20 March 1959 which styled her as a 'Writer, Journalist and Feminist.
I'm amazed by your remark.
His writings were marked by an extraordinary lucidity and elegance of style.
  • acceptance
  • account
  • acknowledgement
  • acquiescence
  • advocacy (of sth)
  • agreement
  • announcement
  • apology
  • application
  • approval
  • assent
  • autobiography
  • autograph
  • biography
  • blandishments
  • blessing
  • claim
  • column
  • compliments
  • concurrence
  • condemnation (of sth)
  • consent
  • demand
  • estimate
  • goodbyes
  • humour
  • injunction
  • lament
  • manifesto
  • memoirs
  • obituary
  • patter
  • prose
  • ramblings
  • recommendation
  • remark
  • reminiscences
  • rudeness
  • sanction
  • say-so
  • silence
  • teachings
  • testimony
  • treatise
  • utterance
  • version
  • word
  • words
  • writing
  • writings
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