poss N

The 'home' group

These nouns refer to places.
The ignominious failure of the Europeans to resolve the crisis in their own backyard rankles, especially with Britain's Foreign Office and the French.
Mr Thompson was by his wife's bedside when she died.
It be a way of preserving animals that are dying out because their habitat is being destroyed.
Shelley returned from London to her home in Tinshill, Leeds.
'Where's Major Rodenko?' 'He's in his quarters, sir.'
It seemed to me obvious that no country would voluntarily give away any of its territory.
  • airspace
  • alma mater
  • apartment
  • area
  • backyard
  • base
  • bedside
  • club
  • colony
  • court
  • deathbed
  • den
  • dinner table
  • domain
  • domicile
  • environment
  • feeding ground
  • flat
  • habitat
  • hangout
  • haunt
  • hideaway
  • hideout
  • home
  • homeland
  • hometown
  • house
  • lair
  • land
  • local
  • manor
  • mother country
  • nest
  • pad
  • perch
  • personal space
  • place
  • post
  • quarters
  • resting place
  • room
  • shores
  • sickbed
  • solar system
  • stamping ground
  • starting point
  • surroundings
  • territory
  • town house
  • turf
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