poss N

Nouns with other meanings

There are a number of other nouns which have this pattern.
The Princess Royal's biographer, John Parker, described her as being 'a solo performer on her own public stage'.
'Our main concern is that more and more animals are being exported for slaughter,' he said.
They started tugging at the bag, which burst open, spilling its contents over the gravel drive.
This is an opportune time for both parties to get together and resolve their differences.
Every few yards, she'd step on a loose stone or stumble against her own boots and lose her footing.
The rest of Western Europe humbly followed their lead.
He lived at Quebec House only until the age of 11 but it has been turned into a shrine to his memory.
But in 1987, his contract was terminated at a month's notice.
Witness the thrill of the hunt as a leopard stalks, kills and drags its prey into the branches of a nearby tree.
Security has got to be our watchword.
  • ABC
  • aftermath
  • alter ego
  • answer
  • beauty sleep
  • best
  • billing
  • biographer
  • bona fides
  • bounty
  • bread and butter
  • bulk
  • circulation
  • concern
  • contents
  • corollary
  • cue
  • defence
  • differences
  • finals
  • fix
  • footing
  • grace
  • hand
  • hard luck
  • hit list
  • interlocutor
  • keep
  • law
  • lead
  • likeness
  • limits
  • loss
  • mascot
  • memory
  • motto
  • notice
  • prey
  • raison d'etre
  • scalp
  • schooling
  • secrets
  • services
  • shackles
  • shell
  • side
  • son
  • source
  • stock-in-trade
  • style
  • subject
  • syndrome
  • technique
  • theme
  • time
  • upkeep
  • utmost
  • watchword
  • youth
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