Superlative adjectives

Part 2: The patterns of superlative adjectives

Superlative adjectives have the following patterns:
    Pattern 1: one of the/poss ADJ-SUPERL
    Pattern 2: the ADJ-SUPERL n to-inf
    Pattern 3: the ADJ-SUPERL n rel-cl
    Pattern 4: the/poss ADJ-SUPERL n since
    Pattern 5: the/poss ADJ-SUPERL n prep
    Pattern 6: the ADJ-SUPERL n adj/adv
    Pattern 7: the ADJ-SUPERL of/among pl-n
    Pattern 8: the ADJ-SUPERL adj/adv n
    Pattern 9: the ADJ-SUPERL to-inf
    Pattern 10: the ADJ-SUPERL rel-cl
    Pattern 11: the ADJ-SUPERL since
    Pattern 12: the ADJ-SUPERL prep
    Pattern 13: the ADJ-SUPERL adj/adv
    Pattern 14: the/poss ADJ-SUPERL
    Pattern 15: at poss ADJ-SUPERL
We include here only those patterns which are dependent on the superlative form of the adjective. Superlative adjectives also have the patterns that other adjective forms have. For example, a superlative adjective may be found in the pattern ADJ n or in the pattern v-link ADJ.
My biggest health problem is nothing more serious than backache, especially after a bout of gardening.
Two approaches seem most promising.
Many superlative adjectives are followed by a qualifier such as a prepositional phrase, or a to-infinitive clause which are patterns of the adjective itself. For example, acceptable has the pattern ADJ to n, best has the pattern ADJ at -ing and difficult has the pattern ADJ to-inf.
One of the most acceptable foods to people is oats and oat products.
The three Russian women were by far the best at handling weapons.
Household waste is the most difficult to deal with, because it mixes plastic, paper, metals and glass, all of which are likely to be contaminated with food scraps.
When a superlative adjective is followed by a noun, the noun is sometimes followed by a prepositional phrase which is the pattern of the noun. For example, function has the pattern N of n and approach has the pattern N to n.
The most important function of the first aider is to ensure that the casualty's air passages remain open and clear, and that she is breathing adequately.
One of the newest approaches to the use of antibodies was reported by scientists at Johns Hopkins University.
We do not consider these to be patterns of superlative adjectives.Pattern 1: one of the/poss ADJ-SUPERLPattern 2: the ADJ-SUPERL n to-infPattern 3: the ADJ-SUPERL n rel-clPattern 4: the/poss ADJ-SUPERL n sincePattern 5: the/poss ADJ-SUPERL n prepPattern 6: the ADJ-SUPERL n adj/advPattern 7: the ADJ-SUPERL of/among pl-nPattern 8: the ADJ-SUPERL adj/adv nPattern 9: the ADJ-SUPERL to-infPattern 10: the ADJ-SUPERL rel-clPattern 11: the ADJ-SUPERL sincePattern 12: the ADJ-SUPERL prepPattern 13: the ADJ-SUPERL adj/advPattern 14: the/poss ADJ-SUPERLPattern 15: at poss ADJ-SUPERL

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