The 'Admiral' group

These nouns are the titles used in the armed forces, the church, and politics, and in other jobs and professions, such as nursing and academia. Abbreviations are given in brackets.
Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, said that he would always remember Mr Tambo for his lack of bitterness and total commitment.
The fourth member of the group, Brigadier Teddy Tryon-Wilson, was senior administrative officer of one of the units involved in the repatriations.
I consulted Doctor Theodore Dalrymple, well known to Spectator readers for his regular medical reports from one of Her Majesty's prisons.
Mr Duke's Democrat opponent, Senator Bennett Johnston, won at least 53 per cent of the vote with 98 per cent of the ballots counted.
WPC Wright, who had a university degree and high hopes of a successful career in the police, had been tricked by an uneducated old woman three times her age.
  • Admiral
  • Alderman
  • Archbishop
  • Archdeacon
  • Assemblyman
  • Assemblywoman
  • Ayatollah
  • Bishop
  • Brigadier (Brig.)
  • Brigadier General (Brig. Gen.)
  • Brother
  • Captain (Capt.)
  • Cardinal
  • Chancellor
  • Chief
  • Chief Constable
  • Chief Justice
  • Colonel (Col.)
  • Commandant
  • Commander (Cdr.)
  • Commander-in-chief
  • Commodore (Cdre.)
  • Congressman
  • Congresswoman
  • Constable
  • Consul
  • Corporal (Cpl.)
  • Councillor (Cllr.)
  • Councilman
  • Councilwoman
  • Detective
  • Doctor (Dr.)
  • Ensign
  • Father (Fr.)
  • Field Marshal
  • Flight Lieutenant (Flt. Lt.)
  • General (Gen.)
  • Generalissimo
  • Governor (Gov.)
  • Inspector (Insp.)
  • Judge
  • Justice
  • Lieutenant (Lt./Lieut.)
  • Major (Maj.)
  • Major General (Maj. Gen.)
  • Marshal
  • Matron
  • Metropolitan
  • Monsignor (Mgr./Msgr.)
  • Mullah
  • Nurse
  • Patriarch
  • Petty Officer
  • Pilot Officer
  • Police Constable (PC)
  • Pope
  • President
  • Prime Minister
  • Prior
  • Prioress
  • Private (Pte.)
  • Professor (Prof.)
  • Rabbi
  • Rear Admiral
  • Recorder
  • Representative (Rep.)
  • Reverend (Rev./Revd.)
  • Secretary
  • Senator
  • Sergeant (Sgt.)
  • Sergeant Major (Sgt. Maj.)
  • Sheriff
  • Sister
  • Solicitor General
  • Squadron Leader
  • Squire
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Superintendent (Supt.)
  • Trooper
  • Wing Commander
  • Woman Police Constable (WPC)
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