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The 'extent' group

These nouns are used to indicate the extent or degree of an action or state. Many of them are used with only one or two verbs or adjectives, or with a restricted range.
I'm thrilled to bits.
Leonard was shaken to the core; he'd never seen or read anything like it.
The governors accused me of drinking to excess but I am not an alcoholic.
To some extent this strategy has worked.
He was generous to a fault, always bearing presents to whatever home he was visiting.
Our funds are already stretched to the limit, yet we cannot ignore the real need we see on the streets every night.
  • to bits
  • to capacity
  • to death
  • to excess
  • to overflowing
  • to pieces
  • to tears
  • to the bone
  • to the core
  • to the full
  • to the hilt
  • to the limit
  • to the marrow
  • to the max
  • to the maximum
  • to the utmost
  • to a fault
  • to a T
  • to its foundations
  • to my heart's content
  • to a ... degree
  • to a ... extent
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