V across n

V across n

The verb is followed by a prepositional phrase which consists of across and a noun group.This pattern has one structure:
    Verb with Adjunct.
    I cut across the field.
V across n
 Verb groupacrossnoun group
Shecutacrossthe grass.
Birdsskimmedacrossthe water.
Verbs with this pattern are all concerned with crossing or passing from one side of a place to the other, either physically or metaphorically.
Nancy, out of the corner of her eye, saw the shadow that suddenly fell across the doorway.
A cold, dead smile flickered across Vincent's grey features, and for a brief second his eyes sparked to life.
In 1989 Hurricane Dean swept across Bermuda with torrential rains and winds as strong as 113 miles per hour, flooding some coastal roads.
  • brush
  • cut
  • fall
  • flicker
  • flit
  • plane
  • skim
  • sweep
  • Structure information

    The prepositional phrase is an Adjunct. This structure has no passive.

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