V adv

The 'clean' group

These verbs are used to indicate that something has a desirable quality, such as being easily cleaned, prepared, or moved. They are all ergative verbs (see Chapter 7).
This use is productive: many verbs which have the pattern V n and indicate something useful you can do to something can be used with the pattern V adv. The verbs listed here are the ones which are most frequently used in this way.
Our wood flooring not only looks smart, feels comfortable and cleans easily, but it's environmentally friendly into the bargain!
Buy a canvas beach bag that folds easily and leave your cumbersome straw shopping bag at home.
Apart from peppers and aubergines, many other vegetables grill well.
  • apply
  • clean
  • cut
  • display
  • drain
  • fold
  • glue
  • grill
  • lift
  • read
  • wash
  • wear
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