V adv

The 'swing' group

These verbs are concerned with movement or progress. They are used with one particular adverb of direction, or with a restricted set, as indicated in the list below. (The pattern V together is described separately in Section 3 below.)
After 1 mile, bear right at Rooksnest Farm.
They crowded round, inspecting, touching, laughing.
In spite of the recession, profits galloped ahead.
We hurried across the wet concrete, flung our cases into the big Parks vehicle and piled in.
He swung round to see who was there.
  • bear (left/right)
  • belch (out)
  • billow (out)
  • bounce (up and down)
  • bound (ahead)
  • brush (by/past)
  • bum (around)
  • climb (up/down)
  • coast (home)
  • creep (up)
  • crowd (round/around)
  • delve (deeper)
  • dive (in)
  • drag (past)
  • filter (through/in/out)
  • flash (up)
  • gad (about/out)
  • gallop (ahead)
  • jiggle (around/about)
  • lag (behind)
  • pass (back)
  • peel (off/away)
  • pelt (down)
  • pile (in/out)
  • pour (down)
  • press (down)
  • pull (away)
  • pull (ahead/away)
  • race (ahead)
  • run (over/down)
  • splash (around/about)
  • stay (away)
  • swill (around/about)
  • swing (round/around)
  • wheel (round/around)
  • writhe (around/about)
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