V in favour of n

The 'speak' group

These verbs are concerned with saying that someone or something is good or right, deciding that someone or something is good or right, or showing support for someone or something.
It would be intolerable for the government to block a referendum if the party conference clearly came out in favour of it.
Crowds surged through the streets of every town, demonstrating in favour of the King.
And at Hereford an inspector at the public inquiry into the bypass ruled in favour of the anti-road campaign.
President Kaunda spoke in favour of a referendum but he reaffirmed his strong opposition to any change to multiple parties.
The preposition in favour of is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
The other chamber, the Council of the European Union, voted in favour of adopting the bill.
  • argue
  • campaign
  • decide
  • demonstrate
  • rule
  • speak
  • vote
  • come down
  • come out
  • speak out
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