v it ADJ to-inf

The 'good' group

These adjectives indicate that an action is judged to be good in some way. They are used with verbs such as believe.
I don't run or jog, and having reached my 60s, I don't feel it appropriate to start now.
Those with more immediate requirements find it beneficial to pursue a longer initial course of study.
Robert thought it best to change the subject.
When the time comes to choose a school for your child, you might find it helpful to talk to other parents and visit some schools.
Two hundred years ago people thought it right to burn witches.
As an investigator he had often found it useful to pretend to be stupid.
We thought it worthwhile to make the journey north.
Acceptable, okay, and worthwhile are also used with verbs such as make.
We do, however, have a common goal as patients and doctors that makes it worthwhile to stretch toward each other.
  • acceptable
  • advantageous
  • appropriate
  • attractive
  • beneficial
  • comfortable
  • cool
  • desirable
  • fair
  • fashionable
  • fine
  • fitting
  • funny
  • good
  • helpful
  • legitimate
  • okay
  • preferable
  • profitable
  • proper
  • relevant
  • right
  • seemly
  • therapeutic
  • useful
  • valuable
  • worthwhile
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