v it ADJ to-inf

The 'wise' group

These adjectives indicate that an action is judged to be sensible or not sensible. They are used with verbs such as believe.
Many people, for example, would once have considered it insane to worry about an asteroid colliding with the earth.
The river gave us an exciting ride and at times I judged it prudent to come into the bank.
The survey also reveals that 12 per cent of parents think it reasonable to leave eight to 11-year-olds alone for an hour.
He didn't know when he'd be coming back and thought it wise to leave his keys.
Absurd, advisable, foolish, reasonable, and sensible are also used with verbs such as make.
The software you use for education and work has a much longer shelf life, which makes it sensible to consider spending a little more to get the best available.
  • absurd
  • advisable
  • clever
  • daft
  • expedient
  • foolish
  • illogical
  • imprudent
  • insane
  • judicious
  • logical
  • ludicrous
  • politic
  • premature
  • prudent
  • rash
  • reasonable
  • ridiculous
  • sensible
  • smart
  • unreasonable
  • unwise
  • wise
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