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The 'hypocritical' group

These adjectives indicate that someone is judged to have a good or bad character if they do a particular thing. None of these adjectives is very frequent in this pattern. They are used with verbs such as believe.
As neither of us are religious we consider it hypocritical to undertake a ceremony where we would ask for our marriage to be blessed by a deity we have no belief in.
Michael had confided in Vicky that he meant to keep up with his music, but he considered it unrealistic to count on that as a career.
  • hypocritical
  • immoral
  • impolite
  • inhuman
  • kind
  • manly
  • patriotic
  • polite
  • realistic
  • rude
  • tactless
  • unmanly
  • unrealistic
  • vulgar
  • witless
  • witty
  • womanly
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