V n out of n

The 'screw' group

These verbs are concerned with getting something from someone with some difficulty. The noun group indicates what is obtained, and the prepositional phrase indicates who it is obtained from.
This is a productive use: any verb which indicates a way of persuading someone or applying pressure can be used with this pattern. The verbs listed here are the ones which are most frequently used in this way.
The families soon discovered that every piece of information had to be dragged out of them.
The company has a monopoly position that it uses to screw more money out of people.
He didn't try to worm secrets out of you the way so many grown-ups did.
  • charm
  • coax
  • con
  • drag
  • get
  • prize
  • screw
  • squeeze
  • tease
  • wheedle
  • winkle
  • worm
  • wring
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