V n out of n

The 'pluck' group

These verbs are concerned with removing something from a place or thing. We include here pull, which indicates that a country takes their troops out of an area.
Relief workers are still trying to dig people out of the rubble.
Rosabal plucked a cube of sugar out of the bowl and placed it on his tongue.
He said that the Americans and their allies should pull their forces out of the area.
In the case of elbow, the noun group is usually followed by out of the way.
He elbowed Crook out of the way and advanced on Woods, his massive beer-gut quivering with indignation.
  • clip
  • cut
  • dig
  • edit
  • elbow
  • filter
  • fish
  • pluck
  • prize
  • pull
  • take
  • turn
  • write
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