V n to-inf

II.9 The 'expect' group

These verbs are concerned with intentions, predictions, and expectations.
He had pinned his hopes on his friend and even after three days he expected him to turn up at any minute.
I fancied us to win the match, but their goalkeeper made a couple of blinding saves.
He had been scheduled to return to Washington, but now he clearly hoped to stay on.
He trusted her to tell the truth because he knew that she always told the truth.
In the case of pledge, the noun group is always a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V pron-refl to-inf. The verb trust often has this pattern as well.
Gathering fungi is a mystery to most Britons. Few trust themselves to recognise what is safe, and they may be wise to err on the side of caution.
  • back
  • bill (usu passive)
  • expect
  • (not) expect
  • fancy
  • intend
  • leave
  • mean
  • pledge
  • project (usu passive)
  • require
  • schedule (usu passive)
  • second (usu passive)
  • be slated
  • time
  • timetable (usu passive)
  • tip (usu passive)
  • trust
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