V n to-inf

II.1 The 'tell' group

These verbs are concerned with communicating something to someone. This includes:
    asking, advising, or telling someone to do something e.g. beg, order
    communicating by gesture e.g. beckon, motion
    challenging someone to do something e.g. dare, defy
    forbidding someone to do something
She looked at him, waiting for him to ask her to come with him.
I would like to challenge all those concerned to think and act more boldly to reinvigorate the nuclear disarmament program.
My advisers counselled me to do nothing.
I was walking down the hall, looking into rooms, and this gray-haired guy motioned me to come into his room.
I make no claim to being an expert with this machine and I recommend all readers to follow the manufacturer's instructions.
They are expected to be summoned to appear in court next month for a variety of offences.
The first Yankee soldier to ride up threw him his reins and told him to hold the horse.
  • admonish
  • advise
  • be advised
  • approach
  • ask
  • beckon
  • beg
  • beseech
  • bid
  • call (usu passive)
  • caution
  • challenge
  • command
  • counsel
  • dare
  • defy
  • direct
  • enjoin
  • entreat
  • exhort
  • forbid
  • be given
  • implore
  • importune
  • instruct
  • invite
  • mandate (usu passive)
  • motion
  • order
  • petition
  • recommend
  • remind
  • request
  • summon (usu passive)
  • summons (usu passive)
  • tell
  • warn
  • wire
  • bind over (usu passive)
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