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II.2 The 'nag' and 'coax' group

These verbs are concerned with trying to make someone do something, usually by talking to them. This includes more pleasant ways of persuasion, such as cajole and coax, as well as more unpleasant ways, such as badger and pester.
He kept badgering me to go out with him, so in the end I agreed.
Lots of countries try to coax people to return bottles by insisting on a refundable deposit.
Over the last three or four years, they have egged each other on to agree a whole series of initiatives to tighten up immigration and asylum laws.
I nagged my father to tell me a war story, preferably one with blood and courage and drama and medals.
My education was the most important thing to my mother, and she pestered my father to pay for me to go to the best schools.
  • badger
  • cajole
  • chivvy
  • coax
  • encourage
  • incite
  • nag
  • nudge
  • pester
  • press
  • pressure
  • pressurize
  • prod
  • urge
  • egg on
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