V n to n

III.7 The 'appoint' group

These verbs are concerned with appointing someone to a position, or with moving them from one job or role to another. We include here the verb accredit, which involves the recognition that someone has a particular job or position.
The proposal is seen as a compromise, following resistance within the police of an earlier plan to appoint graduates to senior police positions.
He was apprenticed to a clock-maker in Wick and invented the first electric clock.
Archbishop Tutu said: 'I am more convinced than ever that theologically and socially it is right to ordain women to the priesthood.'
  • accredit (usu passive)
  • appoint
  • apprentice (usu passive)
  • demote
  • nominate
  • ordain
  • promote (usu passive)
  • recall
  • recruit
  • relegate (usu passive)
  • transfer
  • upgrade (usu passive)
  • Many of the verbs in this group also have the pattern V n from n to n. The verb is followed by a noun group and two prepositional phrases, the first beginning with from, and the second beginning with to. The first prepositional phrase indicates the person's original position, and the second indicates their new position. The passive pattern is be V-ed from n to n.
    They had just been relegated from the First Division to the Second, but the new manager was able to lift them back.

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