V n to n

III.15 The 'draw attention' group

These verbs are concerned with directing your own or someone else's attention to something or someone.
Bayes's theorem directs attention to two major classes of errors in clinical reasoning.
I want to draw your attention once again to the opportunity of borrowing from individual investors.
We have given some thought to the problem of motor traffic, which is clearly one of the biggest sources of pollution.
The preposition to is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
Landscape painting finally became a subject in its own right and great artists began to turn their undivided attention to developing this form of painting.
  • direct
  • divert
  • draw
  • give
  • pay
  • switch
  • turn
  • Many of the verbs in this group also have the pattern V n from n to n. The verb is followed by a noun group and two prepositional phrases, the first beginning with from, and the second beginning with to. The first prepositional phrase indicates where the person's attention was originally focused, and the second indicates its new focus.
    One thing the party has to do is to switch people's attention from the Gulf to the economy and domestic problems.

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