V n to n

III.16 The 'postpone' group

These verbs are concerned with postponing or rescheduling something to a particular time or date.
If I don't use all my holiday allowance one year, can I carry it over to the next year?
The date for price reform has been postponed to January 2nd - it was actually supposed to happen this month.
The Junior Championships has been rescheduled to Saturday, October 2.
  • backdate
  • postpone (usu passive)
  • reschedule
  • carry over
  • put back (usu passive)
  • put off
  • The verb postpone also has the pattern V n until n. The passive pattern is be V-ed until n. The phrasal verbs put back and put off have the patterns V n P until n, V P n (not pron) until n, and be V-ed P until n.
    The album was originally due out before Christmas but has now been put back until the beginning of next year.

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