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III.18 The 'convert' group

These verbs are concerned with changing the condition or circumstances of someone or something in some way. The prepositional phrase indicates the nature of the change or the new condition or circumstances.
As he braked the car to a halt, he became aware that something was in the vehicle with him.
We trudged back through the snow, which was filtering down over the top of my boots and chilling my legs to the bone.
His wife, whose snowy hair and grandmotherly manner have helped elevate her to near sainthood, is his greatest asset.
He was converted to Christianity and renounced his wealth.
Villages and farms were razed to the ground.
In his songs he set poetic texts to music.
  • brake
  • chill
  • convert
  • elevate
  • grind
  • raze (usu passive)
  • relegate
  • restore
  • set
  • tune (usu passive)
  • turn over
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