V n to n

III.3 The 'attach' group

These verbs are concerned with attaching, adding, or joining something to something else, either physically or metaphorically.
For your free safety check and tyre gauge, affix two different numbered tokens to the coupon.
The lawyers argue that, by attaching conditions to public arts funding, Congress suppresses freedom of expression.
Tendons are tough fibrous bands of elastic tissue which connect muscles to the bone.
The engine is coupled to a pair of new five-speed transmissions.
Some of the microchips used in a computer are soldered directly to the circuit boards.
Security experts wired up dozens of expensive plants to the main alarm system at his mansion.
In the case of attach, the noun group following the verb is often a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V pron-refl to n.
This molecule attaches itself to titanium atoms but not to carbon atoms.
  • add
  • affix
  • annex
  • append (usu passive)
  • attach
  • bind
  • bolt
  • chain
  • clamp
  • clip
  • connect
  • couple (usu passive)
  • harness (usu passive)
  • hitch
  • hook
  • join
  • knit
  • lash
  • link
  • padlock
  • rope
  • sew
  • shackle
  • solder
  • stick
  • tack
  • tape
  • tether
  • tie
  • weld
  • yoke
  • connect up
  • hook up
  • link up (usu passive)
  • tack on
  • wire up
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