V to n

Structure II: Verb with prepositional Object

Active voice: V to n/-ing
 Verb grouptonoun group/-ing clause
SubjectVerbprepositional Object
Headmitstohaving self-doubts.
Joebeckonedtohis brother.
Hedid not returntothe subject.
Passive voice: be V-ed to
 Verb groupto
SubjectVerbPrepositionAdjunct (optional)
These rulesmust be adheredto. 
We're being liedtoevery day.
Phrasal verbs: V P to n/-ing
 Verb groupParticletonoun group/-ing clause
SubjectVerbprepositional Object
 Don't giveintotheir demands.
Half of themowneduptohaving revealed their friends' secrets.
Shenever talkeddowntostudents.
Verbs with this structure belong to the following meaning groups:
II.1 The 'talk' groupII.2 The 'admit' groupII.3 The 'swear' groupII.4 The 'point' groupII.5 The 'refer' groupII.6 The 'condescend' groupII.7 The 'beckon' groupII.8 The 'submit' groupII.9 The 'agree' groupII.10 The 'subscribe' groupII.11 The 'stick' groupII.12 The 'cling' groupII.13 The 'affiliate' groupII.14 The 'come' groupII.15 The 'progress' and 'switch' groupII.16 The 'turn' groupII.17 The 'adapt' groupII.18 The 'react' groupII.19 The 'attend' groupII.20 The 'knuckle down' groupII.21 The 'lend' groupII.22 The 'cotton on' groupII.23 The 'listen' groupII.24 The 'correspond' groupII.25 The 'relate' groupII.26 Verbs with other meaningsStructure information: Verb with prepositional Object

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