with N

The 'amusement' group

These nouns refer to a feeling that someone has when they do something.
Some are used with a variety of verbs.
Father O'Brian watched with amusement.
'Two more years,' she said with disgust.
With some embarrassment I did as he requested.
Some knowledge of the past will help you to face the present and future with equanimity.
He recounted with glee how, after one exam, he had thrown all his useless school manuals into the river.
Then Martina realised with horror that the sound was coming from her own kitchen.
Researchers greeted the proposal with scorn.
It was with a sense of relief that Mark Ryle watched the jet as it taxied to the runway, lined up and took off into the night sky.
She waited with trepidation for her father's first visit.
  • with admiration
  • with affection
  • with alarm
  • with amazement
  • with amusement
  • with annoyance
  • with anticipation
  • with anxiety
  • with apprehension
  • with approval
  • with assurance
  • with astonishment
  • with awe
  • with bitterness
  • with certainty
  • with compassion
  • with concern
  • with confidence
  • with contempt
  • with curiosity
  • with delight
  • with despair
  • with disappointment
  • with disapproval
  • with disbelief
  • with disfavour
  • with disgust
  • with dismay
  • with dread
  • with enthusiasm
  • with envy
  • with equanimity
  • with fascination
  • with fervour
  • with foreboding
  • with glee
  • with gratitude
  • with horror
  • with incredulity
  • with interest
  • with irritation
  • with longing
  • with love
  • with nostalgia
  • with outrage
  • with passion
  • with patience
  • with pleasure
  • with pride
  • with regret
  • with relief
  • with relish
  • with reluctance
  • with resignation
  • with reverence
  • with sadness
  • with satisfaction
  • with scorn
  • with subtlety
  • with surprise
  • with suspicion
  • with sympathy
  • with trepidation
  • with triumph
  • with warmth
  • with zest
  • with a feeling of ...
  • with a sense of ...
  • with a shock
  • with ... embarrassment
  • with ... excitement
  • with ... fury
  • The nouns in the list below are used with this pattern only after verbs indicating a physical reaction such as shake or weep, or after adjectives indicating a physical state such as dizzy or sick. Many of the nouns from the previous lists are also sometimes used in this way.
    I felt sick with fear.
    The 31-year-old decorator from Ohio wept with joy at his wife's bedside when baby Lee was born.
    Brears saw red; he was literally shaking with rage.
    She was dizzy with shock when she realized she was pregnant.
  • with anger
  • with emotion
  • with exhaustion
  • with fear
  • with fright
  • with frustration
  • with grief
  • with guilt
  • with happiness
  • with indignation
  • with jealousy
  • with joy
  • with nerves
  • with pain
  • with panic
  • with rage
  • with remorse
  • with shock
  • with tension
  • with terror
  • with tiredness
  • with worry
  • There are a few nouns which are used with only one or two verbs. Mistrust and scepticism are usually used with the verbs regard or view.
    Unusual projects tend to be viewed with scepticism.
    Disdain, disrespect, and respect are usually used with the verb treat.
    We should treat our kids with respect - and as a society we don't, I'm afraid.
    Fondness and shame are usually used with the verb remember.
    There were two people in particular whom he remembered with fondness and whose deaths had caused him sadness.
  • with disdain
  • with disrespect
  • with fondness
  • with mistrust
  • with respect
  • with scepticism
  • with shame
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