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  • As we have seen, German nouns may change, according to their gender, case and number. This is called declension.
  • Some masculine nouns have a weak declension – this means that they end in -en or, if the word ends in a vowel, in -n, in every case EXCEPT in the nominative singular case.
  • Weak masculine nouns follow the pattern shown:
Nominativeder Jungedie Jungen
Accusativeden Jungendie Jungen
Genitivedes Jungender Jungen
Dativedem Jungenden Jungen
  • Weak masculine nouns include:
  • those ending in -og(e) referring to men
der Psychologethe psychologist
Er fragte den Psychologen um Rat.He asked the psychologist for advice.
  • those ending in -aph (or -af) or -oph
der Paragrafthe paragraph
der Philosophthe philosopher
Der Paragraf umfasste 350 Wörter.The paragraph was 350 words long.
  • those ending in -ant
der Elefantthe elephant
der Diamantthe diamond
Der Diamant war sehr viel Geld wert.The diamond was worth a lot of money.
  • those ending in -t referring to men
der Astronautthe astronaut
der Komponistthe composer
der Architektthe architect
Um Astronaut zu werden, muss man jahrelang trainieren.You have to train for years to become an astronaut.
  • some other common weak masculine nouns:
der Bauerfarmer
der Chirurgsurgeon
der FranzoseFrenchman
der Kollegecolleague
der Menschhuman being
der Ochseox
der Spatzsparrow
Der junge Franzose wollte Schottland besuchen.The young French guy wanted to visit Scotland.
Ich habe den Franzosen seit einer Woche nicht mehr gesehen.I haven’t seen the French guy for a week.
Grammar Extra!The noun der Name follows the same pattern as der Junge, except in the genitive singular, where it adds -ns instead of just -n. Der Buchstabe (meaning letter (of the alphabet)), der Funke (meaning spark) and der Gedanke (meaning thought) also follow this pattern.
Nominativeder Namedie Namen
Accusativeden Namendie Namen
Genitivedes Namensder Namen
Dativedem Namenden Namen
Das hängt von der Wichtigkeit des Namens ab.That depends on how important the name is.

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